100-eggs3-Minute Egg posts its 100th video this Wednesday, February 11. Think about that — 100 videos from all over and around the Twin Cities dance, theater, visual art, music and literary scenes. No other local media outlet comes close. We’re happy to take a self-congratulatory bow.

We ask that you celebrate with us by gifting 3-Minute Egg to others. Just like every Egg video, your gift won’t cost you a cent. All we ask is that you get 10 of your friends, family, colleagues or others in the arts — people you know who should be watching the Egg — to subscribe FOR FREE to 3-Minute Egg .

Your gift back to us is that simple — just 10 people. Here’s how you do it:

Identify 10 people you think aren’t already subscribing to 3-Minute Egg . Copy/paste this message to them in an email:

  • If you don’t already know about 3-Minute Egg (3minuteegg.org), go there now. They produce videos from all over the Twin Cities arts scene — new ones go online every weekday! You probably know a few people who’ve already been featured on 3-Minute Egg. Just go to 3minuteegg.org and subscribe — you can subscribe by email, iTunes, Google, Yahoo and other ways. It’s really cool and FREE and it’s an easy way to support the Twin Cities arts scene.

Feel free to tweak the note to your liking. Make it personal. Make it sound like you — whatever it takes to bring 10 subscribers to 3-Minute Egg .

Since we launched last September, so many of you have thanked us for the service we provide the arts community and mentioned how important 3-Minute Egg has become at a time when other media outlets are cutting arts coverage. So please take a few moments to get 10 others to subscribe — your subscriptions are vital for appealing to potential sponsors and keeping the Egg alive and thriving.

Thank you for watching, subscribing and passing the Egg around!

– matt