has become a Presenting Partner of 3-Minute Egg‘s coverage of the 2009 Fringe Festival! Starting Thursday, we break our summer break in a big way with seven straight days of Eggs from the Fringe. All our Eggs can be seen here and at, where you can also catch critics’ reviews of dozens of Fringe shows.

So make sure to check us out at — and while you’re there, leave a comment there telling the editors how you’d like to see the Egg continue running on! Our videos are also running on the Fringe Web site.

Also, the Egg wants to extend a huge thank you to the Ritz Theater and to SteppingStone Theatre — both sponsors of our entire coverage of the Fringe Festival. The Ritz and SteppingStone are vital institutions in the local arts scene, and their support keeps the Egg working for Twin Cities artists.

See you around the Fringe!

– matt