egg3-Minute Egg is supporting its first charitable cause. Through a site called SocialVibe, we’re helping a charity called The Art of Elysium bring art supplies to hospitalized children. Here’s how it works: You click on the badge in the column on the right side of this page, watch a short video (i.e., a sponsor’s commercial) and give it a star rating. You give no money, only a minute of your time.

Now, I can’t say the sponsors providing the financial link in the SocialVibe chain match up well with 3-Minute Egg’s audience. On our first view, The Art of Elysium was connected to the swimsuit maker Body Glove. So, don’t blame 3-Minute Egg for the content of that video, but please let us know what you think about our connection to SocialVibe and if you think the cause is worthy of the …umm, cheesecake. If enough of you don’t like it, we’ll yank it.

Of course, you can also look at 3-Minute Egg as another cause in need of your support — we’ve spent much of our summer applying for grants, talking with sponsors and working to on a media partnership for the start of our second season, which begins Sept. 7. When you donate to 3-Minute Egg, you directly support the promotion of local artists and their work — across all artistic disciplines. Every little bit — $10 or $20 — goes a long way to support this work. And without you, there is no 3-Minute Egg.

So please give a little today. We have a couple of very cool surprises in store for our new season … more news on that later!

– matt