egg3-Minute Egg wants to launch its second season with a new feature called Ask an Artist. We’ll ask readers/viewers to submit the kind of life/relationship/money/morality questions — you know, the kind seen in Dear Abby, et al — and 3-Minute Egg will ask an artist to create a response.

This could mean a visual artist creating a small painting or sculpture, a composer creating one minute of music, a choreographer creating one minute of dance, a poet creating one minute of poetry, a playwright creating a one-minute scene. 3-Minute Egg will ask a different artist or group of artists with every new question we accept to create and show/perform a response. We’ll video that work and air it in our Ask an Artist segment. We hope this grows into a weekly feature.

First, we need artists of all stripes inspired to participate in this feature (artists must live/work in Minnesota). There will be no cash payment, but you’ll have time at the end of every segment to plug a show, exhibition or other work you’re part of. We’d like to launch this feature soon after our new season of Eggs begins, Sept. 7.

If interested, send email to matt(at) with the subject line ASK AN ARTIST.