Dozens of people jumped on a great opportunity at our fundraiser last night to support causes close to their hearts while also supporting 3-Minute Egg. Now you can too!

For every $50 donation to 3-Minute Egg, you also get time in a upcoming online Egg to promote the cause, organization or event of your choice. Just tell us what you want to promote, and we’ll do the rest.

  • One donor of $50 last night asked us to plug a new book by a Minnesota author.
  • Someone who donated $100 is using his two opportunities to promote the Japanese-American Citizens League and Theater Mu.
  • A $200 donation earns you FIVE shout-outs. One donor is using his to get word out about his architecture firm.

You’ll hear these sponsorships and many others in the coming weeks. Hear your own by donating $50 or more today.

The link above takes you to our fiscal agent, IFP-MN, where you can make a secure donation through Visa/MC/PayPal. Leave your contact info when asked. We’ll be in touch to ask what you want to support and what you want us to say about it.

THANK YOU for supporting 3-Minute Egg while also supporting something or someone else important to you!