Our first weekly contest is here! Here’s what you do:

  • Watch the 3-Minute Egg videos that aired this week.
  • Correctly answer the four questions below based on these videos. Email your answers, along with your name and a phone number, to quiz@3minuteegg.org
  • If you’re randomly chosen from other perfect responders, you win a pair of tickets to a local performance or event.

It’s as simple as that! This week, the prize is a of pair of tickets to Vocalessence’s annual Witness concert, Feb. 14 at the Ordway. Deadline for entries is 10 pm Sunday, Jan. 17 — only one entry per person and email address. We’ll announce the winner Monday! Happy viewing and good luck!

… and away we go! …


What style of music best describes what Katie Kaufmann is singing in a segment of “Everything Must Go,” her new show with David Harris?

1)    jazz

2)    soul

3)    opera

4)    pop

Ben John, a student at the College of Visual Art, says his public art proposal for St. Paul’s Union Depot is inspired by the state’s history in rail transportation and _______:

1)    Logging

2)    Farming

3)    Mining

4)    Migration

Rick Shiomi, artistic director of Mu Performing Arts, likens the New Eyes Festival to this reality show:

1)    American Idol

2)    Survivor

3)    The Amazing Race

4)    So You Think You Can Dance?

Jason Noer of Battlecats is working on ______:

1) a feature-length film project based on hip-hop dance.

2) developing a private dance school focusing on b-boy movement.

3) a university degree focusing on the b-boy movement within hip-hop.

4) a series of instruction videos on breakdancing.

Email your answers by 10 pm Sunday, Jan. 17, along with your name and a phone number, to quiz@3minuteegg.org