UPDATE: We have a winner — Michael Croswell of St. Paul! He watched and won, and so can you. Our next contest for local tickets goes online Friday.

Our second weekly contest is here, and we’ve got quite a prize for your winning effort — two tickets to see Macbeth at the Guthrie!

Here’s what you do:

  • Watch the 3-Minute Egg videos that aired this week.
  • Correctly answer the four questions below based on these videos. Email your answers, along with your name and a phone number, to quiz@3minuteegg.org
  • If you’re randomly chosen from other perfect responders, you win a pair of tickets to a local performance or event.

It’s as simple as that! Deadline for entries is 10 pm Sunday, Jan. 24 — only one entry per person and email address. We’ll announce the winner Monday! Happy viewing and good luck!


The 20% Theatre Company has produced the Fresh Five to:

1)    Highlight five local playwrights under 21 years old.

2)    Showcase women playwrights and directors.

3)    Offer $5 tickets to subscribers.

4)    Stage a fast-paced evening of five-minute plays.

Which of these ISN’T featured in 3-Minute Egg’s video from the Art Shanty Projects?

1)    The Tea Shanty

2)    The Library Shanty

3)    The Art Post Shanty

4)    The Art Car Shanty

Before connecting and performing with Laura Bennett, Howard Hamilton of the Red Pens says:

1)    “I had never played with a drummer who had actually listened to what I was doing.”

2)    “People only saw me as a visual artist and not as a musician.”

3)    “I was seriously considering performing as a solo artist.”

4)    “I thought I would have to put down the guitar and become a deejay.”

To avoid what she saw as a stereotype for women in hip-hop, Dessa Darling vowed she wouldn’t do this when she joined the Doomtree crew:

1)    Sing only the choruses of a song.

2)    Wear feminine attire during Doomtree rehearsals or performances.

3)    Curse in her lyrics.

4)    Write about relationships gone wrong.

Email your answers by 10 pm Sunday, Jan. 24, along with your name and a phone number, to quiz@3minuteegg.org