UPDATE: We have a winner — Cate McKinney of Minneapolis! She watched and won, and so can you. Our next contest for local tickets goes online Friday.

Our third weekly contest is here, and we’ve got a prize worth your time — two tickets to see Hedda Gabler, which runs Feb. 11-14 at the Southern Theater.

Here’s what you do:

  • Watch the 3-Minute Egg videos that aired Jan. 25-28.
  • Correctly answer the four questions below based on these videos. Email your answers, along with your name and a phone number, to quiz@3minuteegg.org
  • If you’re randomly chosen from other perfect responders, you win the tickets. Simple as that!

Deadline for entries is 10 pm Monday, Feb. 1 — only one entry per person and email address. We’ll announce the winner next Tuesday! Happy viewing and good luck.


Judith Brin Ingber, in creating her dance work Stepping into Heaven, discusses using:

1) Stones as metaphors of loss and growth.

2) Ancient texts as a narrative roadmap.

3) Her breath as an expression of grief.

4) The music from a sole flute as a call to healing.

Visual artist Robyn Stoller Awend, discussing her recent exhibition at Form+Content, was initially inspired by the story of Jews:

1) Photographing places of worship within the Lithuanian ghetto of Vilna.

2) Melting down Hebrew letters to make bullets.

3) Continuing to celebrate the High Holidays during the Holocaust.

4) Keeping detailed journals of their resistance to Nazi persecution.

Bassist Adam Linz says Fat Kid Wednesday began charging admission to their Monday performances in the Turf Club’s Clown Lounge because:

1) The tip jar kept getting stolen.

2) A cover charge would keep the growing crowds in check.

3) The Turf Club management saw the Monday night sets as a small but steady source of revenue.

4) The musicians wanted at least token compensation for performing.

Otto Ramstad of the Body Cartography describes being inspired creatively by:

1) Learning how protons and neutrons move in relation to each other.

2) The tight confines of Cold War-era bomb shelters.

3) The effects of oceanic debris on global climate.

4) The social collision of peaceful and military uses of nuclear energy.

Email your answers by 10 pm Monday, Feb. 1, along with your name and a phone number, to quiz@3minuteegg.org