UPDATE: This week’s winner is Tim Hellendrung of Minneapolis. He watched and won — so can you. Our next contest goes online Friday.

The prizes for this installment of our weekly contest are a pair of tickets to an upcoming Minnesota Orchestra concert, to be determined. Here’s what you do:

  • Watch the 3-Minute Egg videos that aired Feb. 1-4.
  • Correctly answer the four questions below based on these videos. Email your answers, along with your name and a phone number, to quiz@3minuteegg.org
  • If you’re randomly chosen from other perfect responders, you win the tickets. Simple as that!

Deadline for entries is 10 pm Monday, Feb. 8 — only one entry per person and email address. We’ll announce the winner next Tuesday! Happy viewing and good luck.


Which of the following musicians ISN’T interviewed in our video featuring the Minnesota Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra?:

1) Steven Copes

2) Janet Horvath

3) Tony Ross

4) Daria Adams

Violinist Kimberlee Dodds-Dray, one of the winners in Kenwood Symphony Orchestra’s Master’s Concerto and Aria Competition, believes her return to music helped her overcome:

1) depression

2) financial hardship

3) an illness

4) shyness

Tracey Maloney says she and other co-founders of Thirst Theater were motivated to:

1) Experiment with improvisational theater.

2) Create an environment where an evening of theater would feel like seeing bands in a bar.

3) Give themselves artistic control in careers that are otherwise spent working for large, equity theaters.

4) Create a communal experience between performers and audiences.

Kristin Van L0on and Arwen Wilder, of Hijack, created a dance for the James Sewell Ballet that comments on:

1) The development of the Schubert Theater.

2) A disparity in funding for artists.

3) The cultural and technical differences of dancers trained in ballet and modern work.

4) Environmental justice.

Email your answers by 10 pm Monday, Feb. 8, along with your name and a phone number, to quiz@3minuteegg.org