Today we begin running down our 10 most-viewed Eggs of 2010—two each day through Friday.

Numbers were through the roof for our coverage of the 2010 National Poetry Slam, in St. Paul. More than 16,000 people have watched this singularly dynamic comic work from Shane Hawley. Search for “NPS2010” for more. Since some of these Eggs document entire works, we won’t feature them in our top 10. Other extraordinarily (but predictably) high numbers went to Eggs from the 2010 Fringe Festival—we’re including the most-viewed Fringe Egg as part of our Top 10.

No. 9 most-viewed Egg:

MIA’s Foot in the Door

Once every decade, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts invites any Minnesotan to submit one piece of visual art into the exhibition Foot in the Door . The only criteria: The work must fit in a one-foot-squared box. 3-Minute Egg met with artists (and many wanna-be artists) waiting in line to drop off their contributions.

No. 10 most-viewed Egg:

Zupanc meets Kling meets Zeitgeist

Composer and musician Victor Zupanc has had separate working relationships and friendships with the chamber music group Zeitgeist and writer-poet Kevin Kling. Zupanc has brought them all together with For the Birds, a piece of new music woven around Kling’s recent writings. 3-Minute Egg met the creators at a run-through.