We continue rolling down our most-watched Eggs of 2010 with a look back at Arts Advocacy Day at the State Capital and Wing Young Huie’s ambitious photo documentary of St. Paul’s University Avenue.

No. 7 most-viewed Egg:

The University of Wing Young Huie

Wing Young Huie made his mark in the 1990s with his groundbreaking photo documentary of St. Paul’s Frogtown neighborhood. Several years later, he took on the entirety of Minneapolis’ Lake Street. This past February, he wound up his work on a six-mile stretch of University Avenue. Wing gave 3-Minute Egg a preview and invited the Egg along on a shoot at a small business along University. The exhibition went up to the broader public in May along storefronts, the sides of buildings and giant projection screens along University.

No. 8 most-viewed Egg:

Arts Advocacy Day

Artists and arts administrators from throughout Minnesota descended on the State Capitol on a Tuesday last March for Arts Advocacy Day. 3-Minute Egg sought out Republican lawmakers to ask how they intend to stand up for the arts — or not — under the shadow of Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s threat to trim 33 percent from the state arts board’s budget.