As we continue rolling down our most-watched Eggs of 2010, we look back at our two-part series looking into the creative process of the Brave New Workshop and the choreographic work of a husband-and-wife team with St. Paul City Ballet.

No. 3 most-viewed Egg(s):

Brave New Musical

In this two-part series, 3-Minute Egg looked into the creative process of the Brave New Workshop, which has produced original sketch comedies in Minneapolis for a half-century. The first video drops into an early reading of proposed scripts and scenarios for a new musical. In the second Egg, we watch part of a run-through of Toyota: The Runaway Musical Hit, which opened this past May.

Part 1

Part 2

No. 4 most-viewed Egg:

St. Paul City Ballet

St. Paul City Ballet has long thrived in the space in the Mac-Groveland neighborhood, but only a few years ago did the school expand into a full performance company. Jennifer Rockwell and Ross Edwards, a married couple who make up half the company’s artistic leaders, set new work on the troupe for its program this past March at the Ritz Theatre. 3-Minute Egg met the pair at a rehearsal.