We reach the top of our top-10 most-watched Eggs of 2010 with two bows to music. Earning the crown is hip-hop darling Dessa Darling, whose national tour with P.O.S. put her on radars everywhere—and resulted in an Egg that went semi-viral. At No.2 is our Egg on the rock duo Red Pens. Oddly enough, these Eggs first debuted back to back, January 20-21.

No. 1 most-viewed Egg:

The Darling of Dessa

Dessa Darling has evolved from slam poet to essayist to rapper and singer. Her new CD, A Badly Broken Code, is a tuneful mix of rap, R&B and poetic musings. Last January, 3-Minute Egg peeked into a rehearsal for Dessa’s CD release show at the Fine Line. Members of Heiruspecs make up her backing band.

No. 2 most-viewed Egg:

The Red Pens

Howard Hamilton and Laura Bennett connected over mutual admiration for each others’ visual art, but the two have made a larger splash through their music. The duo, known as the Red Pens, performed at First Avenue through Radio K’s showcase of the “best bands of 2009.” 3-Minute Egg was in the front row, in the wings, in the balcony, and also in the couple’s basement apartment, where Hamilton and Bennett store much of their visual art.