Matt’s top print articles (as adjudicated by Matt)

Matt Peiken spent 21 years as an arts/features staff writer with three daily newspapers before diving into 3-Minute Egg. He won regional writing awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, Associated Press and California Newspaper Publishers Association. In 2006, Matt also published a parody of self-help books — Positive MEinforcement: Shout ‘Me First!’ and Make Every Day All About You!

Here is a sampling of Matt’s best print journalism work over the years:

All articles except (*) published by the St. Paul Pioneer Press

OP-ED: The yet-to-be Distinguished Mark Dayton (August 16, 2010)*


Part 1: 56 Cellists, 1 Seat — Musicians from all over the country compete for the job of a lifetime
Park 2: Playing for Keeps — Vying for a seat with the Minnesota Orchestra

Lonely at the Top: A ‘Great Giant’ struggles to fit into a small world (Dec. 27, 1998)
This is a profile on the world’s tallest teenager and his mother, who sacrificed her own happiness to give her son a chance at his.

B.T. BOMBERS in St. Paul’s Frogtown area is part boxing gym, part community center (Dec. 26, 2001)

PART 1: Main story + PART 2: Carley Pesente  + PART 3: Ceresso Fort + PART 4: Cornell Harris

A Night at the Opera: Fifth-graders at Linwood Elementary School (and the professionals guiding them) wrote and staged their own opera. With the curtain about to pull, a bright girl with a leading role is missing (Feb. 10, 2002)

PART 1: Writing and Rehearsing + PART 2: Family and Opening Night

Faith and Quake: Youth Encounter the Ministry (March 14, 2007)

‘End of the Rossmor’: Storied warehouse about to go legit and leave old tenants behind (June 30, 2003)

Eccentric collector “Dr. Fan” thrives on the obscure (March 13, 2006)

Oue’s Final Bow: Departing music director taught orchestra to play from the heart (May 26, 2002)

Ride of a Lifetime: The people and lifestyle of high school rodeo in Minnesota (July 2, 2000)

Focus on Hmong: Five youths caught between cultures (April 9, 2000)

Called to Serve: Mormon missionaries leave own lives behind to spread their faith (February 1, 1997)*

COLUMN: Must-See TV? I’m too good for that (September 13, 2003)