eggOur generous supporters

3-Minute Egg has received grants from the following Foundations: the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council and A Very Small Arts Fund. 3-Minute Egg is honored and thankful for this support.

Donation Special!

Scores of individuals have donated to 3-Minute Egg — from $10 to $500. You can too — and get something back! For every $50 you donate, you earn one sponsorship slot — to promote any organization, event or artist of your choosing (even yourself)! We’ll place your sponsorship at the front of an Egg video — for all to see! Donate $200 and get FIVE sponsorships.

What will you do with your sponsorship? One $100 donor used his sponsorship slots to promote Theater Mu and the Japanese-American Citizens League. Another is using his sponsorships to promote his architecture firm. Who or what do you want to give a shout out? Just click the DONATE button below and, with your donation, let us know what/who you want to promote. We’ll be in touch to flesh out the rest!