TPT mn channelLess than a year after its online launch, 3-Minute Egg is landing on the Minnesota Channel of Twin Cities Public Television. A 13-week run begins June 6, with half-hour episodes premiering 9 pm every Saturday, and repeat airings at 3 am, 9 am and 3 pm Sunday.

Each episode will feature anywhere from five to seven video ‘Eggs’ that originally appeared online. Since its launch September 15, 2008, 3-Minute Egg has produced more than 150 videos that have attracted more than 35,000 online views.

“I was initially intrigued with Matt Peiken’s concept of covering the under-reported arts scene in the Twin Cities,” says Dianne Steinbach, Executive Producer for arts and cultural productions at Twin Cities Public Television.

“I think our audiences will really appreciate the variety in each program,” she says. “In the first episode, viewers will be taken to a dance studio, an art gallery, a theatrical performance, talk with an award-winning local author, attend a cello chamber music concert and an ethnic dance ensemble performance—and discover something about each artist’s creative process. Matt is everywhere. It’s a wonderful whirlwind tour each week of a very rich arts community. TPT is pleased to be able to share 3-Minute Egg with a wider audience.”