For the rest of 2010, 3-Minute Egg is focusing on projects funded by the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council and Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council.

Over the next few months, you’ll see several series of Eggs–each delivered in three parts–probing into the creative processes of four women who work primarily in sculpture. This project, funded by MRAC, marks our effort to dig more deeply into how visual artists conceive and create work. Through Rimon, you’ll also see more Eggs devoted to Jewish artists–a continuing series we began producing in 2009.

While we’re on the subject of grants, you–yes you, the individual you–can help 3-Minute Egg win up to $30,000 in small-business funding in a competition sponsored by Intuit. As of this morning, we’re tied for No.7 in the country in the number of votes and testimonials written on our behalf this month by artists and fans just like you.

Please take a moment right now to go here and write just a sentence or two about what the Egg means to you and the Twin Cities arts community. If even just half our fans and subscribers cast votes, we’d be No.1 by such a large margin that nobody could catch us. Seriously — it won’t cost you a cent, and it could bring the Egg some much-needed funding. If you’ve already voted and shouted our praises, thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Egg will see you soon around the Twin Cities arts SEEN.

– matt